Energy Modeling
I.A. Naman + Associates, Inc. uses a combination of advanced computational tools to model buildings and calculate the construction and O&M costs of potential energy-efficiency upgrades. The results of this analysis allow IAN+A to design systems modifications and suggest operational changes to achieve optimum total life-cycle costs. IAN+A has been modeling existing buildings for 25+ years; actual building performance after our recommended modifications has consistently matched or outpaced initial predictions.

Energy Efficiency Certifications
LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance and Energy Star are internationally recognized certifications of a facility’s high performance and environmentally sound practices. Savvy building owners recognize that these certifications, in addition to confirming substantial operational savings, increase market visibility and demonstrate sustainability commitment. With 35 Energy Star rated buildings (most buildings for multiple years) and 20+ LEED certified projects, IAN+A can capably guide you through the application process and assist with developing design modifications and specifications to achieve certification.

To examine your energy savings potential or celebrate your building’s energy efficiency, contact:

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