I. A. Naman + Associates, Inc. deploys technologically advanced tools to check for deficiencies in your building’s performance.

Infra-red Thermographic Analysis
Infra-red imagers can pinpoint latent electrical system faults; determine where air is leaking through ducts and  underfloor air distribution systems; detect potential boiler damage; and find where air or water is infiltrating the building envelope.

Electrical Power Quality Analysis
Varying power quality affects your business processes, shortens your equipment lifetime and reduces energy efficiency. IAN+A uses a high-quality digital recording electrical meter to analyze system voltage and currents over time. Our savvy engineers analyze this data to propose solutions to grounding, harmonics and other disturbance issues.

Indoor Air Quality Analysis
Sophisticated equipment monitors temperature, relative humidity, particulate matter and carbon monoxide to assess the health profile of indoor air. Using this data, IAN+A can recommend equipment modifications, updated control strategies and revised maintenance procedures.

To check your systems for deficiencies and implement cost-effective fixes, contact:

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