Regular analyses enhance safety for workers that install, maintain or repair electrical systems.

Short Circuit Analysis and Coordination Studies
I.A. Naman + Associates, Inc. determines the magnitude of the available fault currents flowing through the electrical distribution system during a fault and the proper hazard ratings for switchboards, panel boards, circuit breakers and fuses. We also verify that overcurrent protective devices trip or open properly to minimize nuisance outages and maintain safety. When constantly modifying systems to meet your building occupants’ changing needs, it’s important to re-analyze short-circuit currents to keep property and personnel safe.

Arc-Flash Analysis
OSHA requires building owners to protect workers from certain workplace hazards, including arc-flash. Performed as an extension to the short-circuit analysis and coordination study, arc-flash analysis yields data to determine the maximum incident energy and arc-flash boundary at each electrical equipment location. IAN+A performs these analyses using methodology defined in NFPA 70E to assign hazard levels to your equipment; determine minimum approach distances and type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required; and create warning labels for hazardous work areas.

Computer modeling enables us to keep your electrical systems profile up-to-date. For more information on keeping your systems safety-compliant, contact:

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