Even the most meticulously designed building systems, if not properly commissioned, can result in equipment failure, elevated energy use and inadequate indoor air quality.

I.A. Naman + Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive commissioning (Cx) services to verify systems have been designed, installed, started-up and functionally tested to fulfill your building’s operational needs. Our services cover all HVAC and electrical systems, related controls and equipment for new and existing buildings.

We provide independent, third-party, LEED Cx services spanning planning through construction and into operation. Our staff includes accredited Qualified Cx Process providers (QCP) and certified Commissioning Process Management Professionals (CPMP) who are conversant in LEED EA Prerequisite 1: Fundamental Commissioning and EA Credit 3: Enhanced Commissioning of the building energy systems.

In addition to conducting rigorous testing and inspection against performance goals, we review general and subcontractors’ training programs to make sure your facilities management crew can keep systems performing optimally after the building is turned over to them. Our record documentation provides a benchmark for ongoing building operations.

To make sure your building provides the energy efficiency, comfort and maintainability that you intended, contact:

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